Sailing to Panama/Colombia? Casa Viena - Cartagena Colombia
1. Go to Turbo, via Montería (considered safe)

2. Launches to Capurganá leave Turbo (one block from the street where all the hotels are) around 09:00 hours. The price is 20.00 US$. The trip takes 2 hours. Be there at about 7:30 to put your name on the passenger´s list.

3. In Capurganá you will be greeted by the DAS man who checks your passport. If you carry on to Panama without stopping over you have your passport stamped by the DAS man and hop into the boat to Puerto Obaldía (10.00 US$) that is probably waiting at the dock as you arrive from Turbo.

You can stay in Capurganá or carry on to Sapzurro ( 2.50 US$ - 10 minutes ), the last village ( about 200 people ) in Colombia - There are plenty of cabañas (e.g doña Chila, El "Chileno", doña Pandale), while Capurganá has everything from cheap hotels ( Uvito at the dock ) to cabañas to up-scale beachfront hotels. Your pick.

You can even walk to Sapzurro through beautiful jungle ( 1.5 hours, yes, it is safe, but ask the locals to make double sure ).

From Sapzurro you can walk 20 minutes up the ridge, over the border ( the officials simply take your name and passport number, no need to carry your passport ) and down the ridge to the ugly concrete Panamanian border village of La Miel, which has a strikingly beautiful beach. ( It would be even better if anyone had the sense to grab a plastic bag and collect some of the rubbish the sea brings in ). Buy a Cocoloco from the locals and relax before walking back. Good beaches at Capurganá and Sapzurro too.

4. After getting your exit stamp, you organise a boat to Puerto Obaldía ( usually 40 minutes, 10.00 US$ ).

WARNING: South American citizens will be asked to show an onward ticket from Panama, otherwise they are refused the entry stamp. As Europeans we had no troubles, not sure about people from other parts of the world.

Everyone is asked to show adequate funds for their stay, so try to bring dollars in cash to Panama, as well as at least one credit card.

It is possible to change your leftover Pesos to Dollars in Obaldía at a good rate. Ask doña Cande of the ( only ) hotel, she will set you up with the guy.

5. Now you will have to fly or, if you are lucky find a trade boat that goes via San Blas. Kuna Indian boats call regularly, but nobody seems to know exactly when. So this cannot be planned.

If you fly: the ticket is 75.00 US$ to Panama City, 45 minute flight, every Wednesday and Sunday, sometimes on Fridays as well. The trouble is, ever so often there is no availibility. We got the last 2 seats, some other people who got there after us just had to stay in Obaldía. The lady in Obaldía does not accept phone reservations, but since the company ( Aeroperlas ) accepts credit cards, it may be possible to buy the ticket in advance from their Panama city headquarters.
phone up and make on time your reservacion -

lot cheaper than an international flight - all together you will spend arround 120US - its a 4 days trip - i highly recomend you to stay for some days in Zapzurro

1. day Cartagena – Monteria 5 hours
2. day Monteria Turbo 6 hours – stay in Turbo in Hotel Florida close to the boats(lanchas)you will take next day in the morning
3. dayTurbo – Capurgana 2 hours by speed boat ( last cash mashine, last bank in Colombia - if you have to take money out - dont forget it!)
4. day Capurgana – Puerto Obaldia

Capurgana with its airport is touristic - has several hotels - and is a destination for Colombians - in season Time

fotos of Capurgana

Zapzurro a small village, quieter

fotos of Zapzurro