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Casa Viena in Cartagena and Casa Viena in Villa de Leyva are completely independent, working under two different administrations with 2 difrent philosophies

2 places to stay , sharing the same space on the web.


Casa Viena in Cartagena , located in "Getsemani" within the historical walled part of the city. Its a real hostel with space for 30 people, in shared rooms as well as in private rooms.


Casa Viena in Villa de Leyva (3 hours from Bogota) is a homestay, has only 3 private rooms with space for 8 people where you share with an austrian/colombian family...It is a place with a very peaceful atmosphere.


"Puente Piedra ", a farm close to Villa de Leyva

"Alpine Colombia" Homestay and Hiking in Villa de Leyva